Pole-Wrap and Basement Pole Cover are decorative basement covers that can accent any basement pole. They can camouflage, cover, or wrap a support post, lally column, jack post, and basement pole or post. Classic Column Bases and Caps are a cost-effective way to construct decorative columns or camouflage unattractive exterior support posts. Choose a product that will best suit your environment!

Pole-Wrap accents basement poles!

Pole-Wrap easily wraps a basement pole or jack post, giving the room a little class and saving space in the process. Constructed of closely set wood strips held together by a flexible backing, Pole-Wrap is fabricated of 1/32-inch unfinished wood veneer bonded to 1/8-inch MDF (medium-density fiberboard) slats with a resin-impregnated paper backing for a total thickness of 3/16 inch or unfinished MDF for a total thickness of 5/32 inch. The 8-foot slats are designed with a 30° V-groove that measures 1/2 inch at the back and 3/8 inch at the top's unfinished surface.

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available in: MDF, CHERRY, MAPLE, and OAK

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Classic Column Bases and Caps

Dress up entrances, landscapes, hearths, and pony walls with Classic Column, a cost-effective way to construct decorative columns or camouflage unattractive support posts. Classic Column Tuscan-style ABS caps and bases with 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-inch diameters match up with standard PVC sewer (SDR) or water (IPS) pipe. Both types of pipe are readily available at plumbing and waterworks supply houses and will create attractive columns at a cost that is 30 to 70 percent lower than other columns on the market. Columns created with Classic Column caps and bases can be painted or decorated using faux finishing techniques to match your decor.

Classic Column Bases and Caps Click to Purchase Classic Column to hide support post.

Classic Column

Basement Pole Covers

Cover up unsightly basement poles or jack posts with a Cherry, Maple, or Oak (unfinished hardwood veneer) or paintable Basement Pole Cover. Its 1/32" unfinished veneer bonded to the 1/2" eucalyptus fiberboard easily encases a basement pole and doesn't take up any floor space. The hardwood veneer Basement Pole Covers will look best if left natural or stained to complement the room's décor. The Pole Cover measures 95 1/2" tall and will accommodate 3" to 4" diameter poles. The matching base and cap are included.

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